Friday, February 20, 2009

Where does the time go...

Starting Project Dollway @ Home and winning the first challenge as I did waaaaay back in November proved to be a huge time consumer. Having never designed any clothing in my life, I was on a schedule of coming up with a design suggested by one word, every two weeks. Wow, does that put a dent in your schedule. I had planned to show and talk about each design every two weeks, but then we were forbidden by the organizer of PDW to show our designs outside of the MySpace area set up for them. Well I hung in there in first place for about three, maybe four more challenges and then someone else began to move up and now I am still there, but in third place. Not bad for a newb if I do say so myself. Other developments like, other designers selling their outfits on doll boards and other things not to be mentioned here at this time has lead me to believe that it might be OK for me to post my designs here and now talk a little about them. After all the MySpace pics are open to anyone who signs up to see and the designs have been posted somewhere outside of MySpace by the organizers, so that people who fear they will get viruses(and that's another story) from MS will not have to go there.
We have four designs left...reversible, fitted, drape and bridal. For some reason the organizer gave us all the clues at one time.......we are supposed to receive the next word after we turn in each challenge.
So, speak about time, reversible is due on Sunday and I am still fiddling with a few details..... Oh the pic is Ellowyne wearing the entry for the Woeful Winter contest.....a different challenge group.

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