Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to Dolls..........Misaki or FR Nippon

In 2006 a spinoff line of the Fashion Royalty line began. Originally intended to be W Cosmetics models in Japan, Misaki made her debut in three versions: Puppy Love, Casual Affair, and Harajuku Honey. While cute, Misaki did not apeal to me at first. As I said, she was cute and that's where it ended. There was no appeal to these first girls, for me. To date I still do not have these dolls.

Then came the first exclusives for the Dollystyle Convention. Two Tokyo Here We go dolls debuted. The blonde in the black dress was stunning and is still my Holy Grail of Misaki. The redhead in the white dress for me was so, so, but I wouldn't turn her down if I could get her.

So now I was hooked on Misaki. I eagerly awaited the new line and it was all I dreamed of. In my opinion it still is the best line of Misaki. My first Misaki was from this line, Sassy Stripes. I never managed to get the other two gals from this line, Get Graphic or Patent Please. These Misakis are what she is all about to me. I love their look, makeup, fashion, everything about them. I would still love to find them, reasonably priced somewhere, but they are running way to high right now...even nude would do!!!

Misaki has proved to be a bit of a conundrum for me. She is very difficult to get(as all the Nippon dolls are proving to be) and she is very pricey. So I have been picky about Misaki and only purchased those dolls that were VHTF or just plain appealed to me. Also all these dolls so far were produced in 2006, so many dolls not enough dollars!!!

Next came the Haute Doll Exclusive Metallic Moment, followed by Autumn Champagne, Best in Brocade, and Perfect in Paris. My next purchase of Misaki didn't come until Anti-Social Girl. I didn't purchase Dreadfully Cute, black, blue or pink. I did purchase Ciao Japan which was an exclusive to the DollyStyle Convention.

In 2007, the Misaki line brought out the beach girls, clad in bikini outfits. To me their outfits were a disappointment. I love Misaki's cool, edgy style and this was tantamount to Barbie in the early days. Yes I understand that it is good to have a Misaki that you don't mind taking off her outfit and redressing, but I didn't buy any of these gals. I redress my dressed Misakis already, I wanted clothes, not bathing suits. I must admit that I did find Summer Storm very applealing, but once again, very unattainbale.

My next purchase was Pretty Sweet Misaki and I must say she is pretty sweet. Lovely face and hair and cool outfit. She was followed by the Destination Line: On the go Paris, On the go New York, On the Go Milan, On the Go London and On the Go Tokyo. For me this was not my favourite line. I found the wild hair colours and the even louder colours of the clothing not to my liking at all. I did buy On the Go Tokyo as she was a Japan exclusive. The others just didn't appeal to me.

In 2008, the second Misaki in the "Pretty" line debuted. This was Pretty Party and a very pretty doll she was indeed. I didn't purchase her as she was pricey and I am saving my pennies for those mod gals. Then Misaki blew the lid off of things again and brought out a line that I thought was the second coolest yet...A Girl's Life: Trendy, Posh and Crazy(of course in two version). I surprised even myself when Trendy and Crazy(and NOT the exclusive edition) caught my attention and came to live with their sisters. They are secretly conspiring right now to get Posh back. You see she came to live here too, but was kidnapped by my doll collecting daughter.

Then this fall, Misaki got it right again....darn I hate that, LOL. Another terrific line debuted, the Gothic Dreams line. Wow is all I can say......well maybe a bit more. Five Misakis and a Misaki friend make up the line. Misaki: The Outsider, Witchie, Witch(she's begging for a re-dress, but those boots are incredible), and Pure Evil(my least favourite, too white, too blonde, LOL). Misaki's new friend is called Amelie and what a sweetie she is. I love everything about her. Finally there are two exclusive Misakis: Paranormal Willow, love the face, but not the open mouth so much and leaving the best until last...........RED RABBIT. In my opinion, the very best Misaki of this latest line.

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