Monday, September 1, 2008

An Observation

I was doing my long overdue search for selling prices on eBay and Yahoo Japan this morning in order to update my very in need of an updating, Value Guide for Momoko. Much to my surprise I found many Momokos and very few bids. Out of 11 pages of listings there were only bids on 15 dolls. I hope it is the summer bidding doldrums that are still affecting the bidding market. Nothing seems to be selling. Is it summer or is it the fact that collectors are pricing themselves out of the market by asking such exhorbitant prices for Momokos. Personally I wouldn't pay the prices they are asking for the latest dolls and I'm wondering if everyone else is beginning to feel the "pinch" from these high prices. For example Tin Girl sold for 19000 Japan Yen(about $185.00US), she is on Yahoo Japan for upwards of 30000 Yen. Did these people just buy the dolls to flip them, hmmmm, well if they did, it isn't working out. Right now Dorothy seems to be the only doll in demand. There are three on YJ from 2100 to 30000 Yen, quite a price range.

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