Sunday, August 31, 2008

More from Susie

I should also mention here, seriously I was so tired on my last post......spent 12 hours at a horse show!!! I forgot to mention that even though Susie has been taking a holiday from travelling around the world and modelling, she has continued to produce fabulous designs for her adoring fans. Susie has a RTW wardrobe that meets all her needs. Here is a list of Susie's designs:
Spring Bouquet in lilac or green or mauve pink
Summer Crisp
Fall Fashion - a Burberry type coat, with jeans and matching top
Winter Fashion - knit mini dress, brown solid top with brown/white striped skirt
Denim Blues
Fur Finishings - black/white or brown/black
Midnight Sparkle
Sparkling White
Ying Yang Mei Mei - black or white
Berry Lolita Red
Berry Lolita Pink
Detroit Mod
Gray Matters
Austrian Tea Blue
Austrian Tea Red
A Touch of Pink
Spring Fleur - pale blue or dark blue or pink or purple

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