Saturday, August 30, 2008

If You Knew Susie...

Somewhere in the Madness of Momoko, sometime in 2003 another lovely doll became available to collectors...Susie!!!
I remember my Mom singing a song that went: If you knew Susie like I know Susie, oh, oh, oh what a gal. There's none so classy as this fair lassie oh, oh, oh my goodness what a chassis. It was catchy, but I remember thinking what the heck was a chassie. Well turns out a chassis is a body. Well our Susie fit that song to a "T" and that is why my site devoted to her is called If you knew Susie...

Well if you knew Susie like I know Susie, you would LOVE her too. She has a sophisticated innocence. She is lovely to look at, delightful to pose and her wardrobe is immpecable. Rudi and David, her creators made us a dream when they brought Susie into our world.

Susie came into being in 2003 and her first incarnation was China Girl Blonde, followed by China Girl Redhead and the very HTF China Girl Raven.

I knew Susie would be a doll I would want to add to my collection. I love the premise of this doll:

Susie is a 21-year old aspiring fashion designer who attends classes at the San Francisco School of Design and works as a fashion model in her spare time. In the current tradition of single name supermodels, Susie, divides her time between designing clothes and modeling them on the high style runways of New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo. Susie is a truly a multicultural girl. A San Francisco native, Susie is the daughter of a Spanish-American mother and a Chinese-American father, and has visited her parents’ homelands on several occasions.

Each Susie doll is made as if she were doing some special occasion or a photo shoot from fabulous locations round the world. To date Susie has visited: London, Paris, Milan, The Riviera, Provence, Ibiza, Madrid, Seville, Siberia, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Sydney, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. She has many more destinations listed on her to do map but she seems to be taking a bit of a well deserved holiday right now and letting her other siblings, S Deluxe and the Angels take the limelight for a while. In each of the cities listed above Susie came with a fabulous, meticulously made outfit specific to the style of that city. Her clothing is amazing and I wish R&D made them in human size!!!
Special Susies were also available, such as the Legend of Thai series and the Egyptian Queen Susie, as well as the Fantasy Susies. There have also been a number of collaborations with repaint artists and one particularly gorgeous Susie done with Randal Craig for IFDC 2007.

I was fortunate enough to win a OOAK Susie repaint by Park. She is sensational.

Susie is a wonderful doll and hopefully she will soon come out of her semi-retirement and set the world of collecting on it's collective ear again with her knock out looks and her fabulous sense of style.

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