Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Momoko: A New Era

So began the new Sekiguchi era of Momoko: http://www.barbigirl.com/sekiguchi.htm

At first I was very disappointed in the Seki Momoko. I didn't feel the quality that PW had put into the dolls was there anymore. Her face was not as cute and impish as it had been. But being a die-hard Momoko fan, I decided to continue. I perservered through Glitter Night and asked myself, why did I buy Go 4 Victory??? My interest in Momoko was flagging as each season the Sekiguchi company would flood us with more mediocre dolls. Oh yes there were really sweet ones like Snow White, Dash After School and Mama Told Me. But for the most part the dolls were not PW dolls. I didn't like the new body either. The joints seemed narrow and made Momoko look awkward. Momoko's complexion was often "off". She seemed gray or over-blushed. Then Seki began bringing out Specials and Collaborations. The Collaborations were usually OOAK and virtually impossible to get. The Specials were the same doll with perhaps a variation in colour of her hair or outfit. Also the price of the dolls began to climb higher and higher and what was supposed to be a more affordable doll began to be as expensive as the original Momoko had been. Momokoville was becoming a confusing and expensive venture!!!

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