Sunday, August 24, 2008

So then I found...

Well along with the plethora of items on eBay, I also found Yahoo groups. I looked for groups about dolls and there was Biscuitsclub, a group about Jenny the Japanese answer to Barbie. Jenny was more anime looking than Barbie, but she was adorable. She had a cool boyfriend too called Jeff and dozens of friends. So began the Jenny section of my now huge Barbie/Dollhouse collection.

Well then I discovered Jenny had what I thought at first was a little sister Licca. Well it turns out that Licca is a different character all together and has a huge family and friend base herself.

I collected both Jenny and Licca quite fervently in the nineties. I also added another couple of Japanese dolls. First I found the adorable BG You dolls. Wonderful renditions of Japanese school children. I have the whole group but for one outfit. These dolls are extremely hard to find and even Yahoo Japan has had none listed for some time now.

Then in 2000, Biscuitsclub introduced me to a new gal on the market...Momoko. Wow, she took me by storm. I had to have her. Momoko is still my favourite doll...however Misaki is catching up.

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