Monday, September 15, 2008

After a long break..........

Wow, what happened to the summer AND the fall for that matter. You would think I had actually returned to school, I go so bogged down. Well I did return to visit on the first Friday and bring the staff treats. They wanted to know if I was there to visit or gloat!!! It was fun to see everyone and to visit my students from last year in their new Grade 7 classes. Out of that visit spun off requests to have coffee, go to the gym, all of which kept me busy.

They we had the hassle of finding a new barn helper. Wow, that is an education in itself. Well, that left me doing barn work. But we did find one, however she is so fast, I don't think we have enough work to keep her happy. Only problem with this one, is that she is here early and leaves early and won't come back to feed lunch, which pretty well messes up my days as now I am on lunch duty every weekday.

This week I must set up the pages for our new auction on Auction Fever. Wow, whoever said retirement was lying around doing nothing, was NOT retired!!!

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wtsrudi said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging... looking forward to see what is up with you.... and your fun entries.... GOOD LUCK with the AUCTIONs!!!