Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Momokos

As production of the Sekiguchi Momokos got into full swing by the Fall of 2005, Petworks made another announcement. They were going to issue a new line of clothing for Momoko called Close Clipped Sheep. Then yet another even more astounding announcement, they were also going to do a Collaboration Momoko with the Sekiguchi company. Oh original Momoko collector's delight, a PW Momoko!!! This doll would have the original PW head on a Sekiguchi body. The first offering was 2005AW Victorian Nature, with either blonde or red hair. How cool we all thought......I wonder if Seki thought that too. For lo and behold in the Spring of 2006, PW announced two more dolls, 2006SS Hazy Wind with orange or platinum hair. When Autumn of 2006 rolled around and collectors were presented with two more dolls by PW, we began to see a trend forming here. This offering was 2006AW Odd Girl Out, brunette or redhead...I wonder if Sekuguchi saw this coming. Now we have Sekiguchi in competition with PW, but not in competition because they are collaborating, oh my, it was getting really confusing. Well if the Seki company was being taken for a ride by PW, I began to feel the same way. Once we had PW giving us Momokos two maybe three times a year. Now Seki and PW seemed to be in some kind of a contest to see who could throw the most Momokos at us. Into the bargain, PW Momokos started around $150.00. So on it went, one company or the next bringing out specials, collaborations, Doll Show dolls...Sekiguchi acting like the owners of Momoko and PW looking like they never sold her. Just for fun, PW rounded out 2006 with two kimono Momokos.
In January of 2007 PW announced Bonus Truck sets, I think I heard cheers from Momoko fans and collective groans from their pocketbooks!!!
During 2007(not counting specials)PW produced 13 Momokos and Sekiguchi produced 10. So far in 2008 PW has produced 18 Momokos and Sekiguchi 3...what's up???
Is this a trend, is PW taking back the production of Momoko? At any rate, there are far too many Momokos being produced and they are becoming far too expensive. Also what is the point of these variations. For example, the 2008 Yukatas, Rose Chocolate came in a variation and the only difference was the colour of her shoes, same with Petit Macarron. Oh and Petit Macarron came in a special variation haircolour for the Momoko 7 event. So why is PW putting on a Momoko 7 event, shouldn't Sekiguchi, the owners of Momoko be celebrating that. Oh boy I'm confused.
My take, I think Manabe Watanabe wants Momoko back and is slowly taking her back, with a Sekiguchi body(evil laugh), can SAJ bodies be in Momoko's future???

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PoetC7 said...

I'm with you! Very confused! I didn't discover Momoko until 2005 and the chase for these dolls has left me breathless and broke. To get any one of these lovely girls sent to the U.S. is over $100 and that makes me squirm. Yet, I've acquired 13 Momokos and yearn for more. But the price keeps going up, up, up! And, there are so many at one time. Then nothing for months! Yes. Confused is a good word...