Wednesday, October 22, 2008

But on the dolly scene....

I had resisted the charms of the Dynamite Girls, but my resolve is beginning to slip. Well let's just say it slipped big time at IFDC this summer. I was not sure about the first DGs, sorry David, but I liked their style and clothing, but they seemed a bit too anime for me. I know this sounds bad coming from a person with hundreds of Jennys and Liccas in her collection, but something didn't click for me. However, when I saw the first FR dolls AND the first Misakis, none of them forced me to rush out and buy them either. For Misaki it was the Patent Please, Sassy Stripes and Get Graphic girls that hollered my name, and in the case of Patent and Graphic they are still hollering, only Sassy has found her way here. In the case of the FR dolls, I thought they all looked like they were have a fainting spell and their eyes were rolling back in their heads. But when the wigged dolls came out, the FR girls seemed to have had some eye surgery. This time I LOVED them and had some catching up to do.

So it was with the Dynamite Girls. When I saw that cute Rufus Blue at IFDC this summer and then Spooky Sooki, I gave up and surrendered to them. So then I went back and looked at the first girls. My daughter had bought one and I realized that she was very cute, not at all anime like she had looked in the pics. So once again catching up with the DGs.

The latest editions, Eltin and Jolly Jett are absolutely stunning.

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