Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two new Wake Up Girls

Yesterday I got an email from Sekiguchi announcing their two new Wake Up Momoko dolls, numbers 003 and 004. I didn't get 1 and 2 because they just didn't appeal to me. They were kind of boring, but with most Momoko dolls, even the boring tend to grow on you and you find yourself looking back and thinking, why didn't I buy those girls. Well that happened the other day when I was looking at an auction for the WUD clothing and I thought, you know these ARE really cute. So I guess I will have to go and find 1 and 2 and put my order in for 3 and 4. They are actually cuter than 1 and 2, but don't tell Momoko!!!

I would imagine that a new set of outfits for these two new girls will be produced too. After all there are only three WUD outfits and now 4 girls to wear them. Haven't heard anything about them though.

These gals too, are lower in price(approx. $60 as opposed to $135 for the regular dolls) and just might make perfect candidates for those FLC OOAKs I talked about in an earlier post...........I'm getting that hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm feeling again!!!

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