Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FLC Auction over, second set up

Well, I watched and watched and the price soared on my FLC fav from round 1. She went for 280000 yen, which is approximately $2500!!! OK that's a little too much when I only paid that for BOTH DHEXl and DHEXs. So now I am watching and watching the second set of FLC on Yahoo Japan and my fav(that's her pic up there) this time is already up to 81000 yen(about $800) and this is only the first day. The one I like the least is at 31000, so I just might bid on a doll I don't care for just to say I got and FLC........hmmmmm. My daughter is really good at repaints and re-roots and I can sew really well and have the fourth Doll Coordinate Recipe book, so maybe I will just have to make an FLC of my own!!!

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