Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well then I forgot to mention Licca too......

When I first started collecting Jenny, I thought that Licca was her little sister, a la Barbie and Skipper. Not so. Licca is a personality unto herself although she is made by the same company as Jenny. http://www.larraine.ca/index.htm

Licca came into exsitence in the 1960s. She is 11 years old. The list of dolls in Licca's family include her parents, twin sisters Miki and Maki, triplet siblings, Gen, Kako and Miku, and her long lost older sister, Rie(who is an airline stewardess). There are also Licca's grandparent and several cousins. Licca also has a large number of friends, boyfriends, maids, her music teacher and her doctor.

Now as I said above, Licca is definitely a different personality from Jenny's family. In fact Licca's life story has been written more fully than Jenny's and can be viewed here: http://www.larraine.ca/liccalife.htm

On Licca's 30th Anniversary, three very unique sets were made, http://www.larraine.ca/anniversary.htm . These sets depicted Licca at different stages of her life. The Stages were 1967, Licca's birth;
1970 Kindergarten Licca/Birthday Party Licca/Licca's first kimono;
1981 Licca enters High School and is the High School Tennis Champ/Goes to her first dance;
1988 Licca at College/Graduate party/ Diplomatic core;
1992 Marriage;
1997 Licca is a Mother.
The Sets came in three versions, Blue, Pink and Yellow(yellow was the hardest to find).
There was also a separate Pregnant Licca set, with Licca and baby, sold.

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