Friday, October 3, 2008

The Momoko Section of my site has been revamped

Well, the main page was getting longer and longer and I know some folks were waiting forever for that page to load, so I decided it was time for a little work. Well it took a week, but the Momoko section has a faster sleeker look. It now includes all the Momokomono(clothing) as well from each year. The dolls are now grouped by year as well. Take a look:
I am still working on the OOAK page, that will take some work and I might have to shed a few tears over the FLC dolls I couldn't buy. Oh well, at least someone I know has a really good chance of getting one. He is top bidder with 8 hours to go. She's not his first choice, but what the heck, she's an FLC.
And I got some positive feedback when I suggested I just might start making FLC outfits myself to some friends, they all said they'd buy them. Well I got that cool material today...............

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